Friday, May 11, 2007

Atv Dual Wheel Kits: Getting Your ATV The Right Kind Of Tires

If you are thinking that getting the right Atv dual wheel kits is not important because it doesn’t seem to have any effects on the speed of your all terrain vehicle, then you are dead wrong. Even if the tire doesn’t seem to make any perceivable differences in the speed of your all terrain vehicle, that doesn’t mean that it is less important than the other parts of the machine. Note that the Atv dual wheel kits play a vital role and getting you to your destination. Bad Atv dual wheel kits means you could get struck somewhere and never really get to your destination as expected. Experts believe Atv dual wheel kits are one of the determining factors as to the reliability of your machine, so make no mistakes about it.

What To Remember When Choosing ATV Dual Wheel Kits

There different types of Atv dual wheel kits that you can choose from. First, there is the all purpose Atv dual wheel kits which is very versatile and would work well with different types of conditions. Multi-purpose Atv dual wheel kits are puncture-resistant and it usually have very good traction. If you are still a beginner, buying an all-purpose Atv dual wheel kits is advisable. As most experts would tell us, you can never go wrong with an all purpose wheel.

Another type of wheels for your ATV would be the mud tire. Compared to the all-purpose wheels, the mud tires are bigger and heavier. Note that when you are negotiating muddy and bumpy areas, the weight of your ATV will help reduce the jolts and the bumps. The heavier the ATV, the smoother will be the ride.

The mud tires are very good when it comes to negotiating sludge and slippery surfaces. No matter how rough the conditions are, your mud tires will usually get you through. However, since the mud tires are huge and heavy, they will usually slow down your speed especially when you are traveling on normal terrains. If you want to gain more speed on normal terrains, you better use the all-purpose wheels.

Buying Your ATV Dual Wheel kKits

Atv dual wheel kits are not really cheap so it is best to shop around first before you buy. The good thing about shopping around first is that you are able to compare prices and quality of products. However, when you are shopping for tires, it is always a good idea to stick to those shops that are selling original products. Although generic products are cheaper, they do not really last as long as the original products.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buying A Used ATV Cheap

When it comes to ATVs, they are going to be quite expensive. No matter where you are or what you want to use your ATV for, you are going to find that you might need to spend a little extra cash in order to find one that you like. However, if you are in the market for an ATV and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a used ATV might be a good option for you.


If you are looking at purchasing a used ATV you have lots of options. Because ATV’s are very popular, many people get one, decide they don’t’ want it, and sell it used. Also, because of the popularity, some people get them and only use them once or twice, before they decide that an ATV is not for them. Because of these reasons, many of the used atvs cheap on the market are actually almost brand new. However, because they have been bought, run a couple of times, and have probably been sitting in someone’s garage, they can’t be sold at the new prices. This means you’ll be able to find a deal on used ATV prices.

Good Things

The good thing about buying a used ATV is that ATVs are usually very durable. Even if one has been ridden hard, there is little chance that it is going to be in bad shape. They are quite simple and easy to fix, so chances are that even a used ATV is going to give you a lot of fun before you need to buy a new one. The other good thing is that usually used atvs cheap can be found so cheap that it doesn’t even matter how long they last.

Bad Things

However, there are some things that you should watch out for if you are buying a used ATV. First of all, try to get some history about it. If it has gone into the water, or had a major accident, you probably don’t want to buy it no matter how cheap it might be. You should be sure that you have some kind of history on the ATV before you buy it.

Watch Out For

Watch out for any used ATV that you aren’t allowed to test drive. This is going to be a big way to tell you that it isn’t worth driving, if you can’t even see how it works! Also, be wary of any used ATV where the seller won’t answer questions about it, or says that they don’t know. Don’t let the seller start it up for you, start it up for yourself and get an idea of how it works.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The History Of Legendary Honda ATV

Honda ATVs are one of the first all-terrain vehicles that have ever been released for production. It all started in 1967 when a group of Honda engineers, led by Osamu Takeuchi, worked to provide a new recreational vehicle that is not similar to any other vehicles produced. This was how the US90 was produced.

Developing the idea for a Honda ATV involved a number of components, wherein the group of engineers considered building a two-, four- and six-wheeled configuration. However, the group decided on a three-wheel Honda ATV because it was built with the most compatible features to provide the vehicle’s intended function.

The US90 was the first Honda ATV in world. It featured seven horsepower through a dual range, 4-speed gearbox and automatic clutch at around $600 per vehicle. This 1970 model was mainly used by farmers because of its fat tire and capability of riding through sand and snow. However, by the end of 1970s, people started using the earlier Honda ATV models for recreational purposes.

The Popularity Of Honda ATVs

At the start of 1980s, both utility and sports ATV had a major boom in the market. Farmers are still using the utility models by this time. One of the most popular Honda ATV utility models is the 1980 ATC185, which featured 25-inche tires, 5-speed transmission and automatic clutch with a powerful 180cc, 4-stroke engine.

When all-terrain vehicles began to be used in sports, Honda released the 1982 ATC200E (also known as the “Big Red”). It was a powerful vehicle with a 192cc engine and a 4-speed, dual range gearbox that produced more power, compared to its utility model counterpart. This exact model was enhanced with a reverse gear and new drive chain for added durability in 1984.

From 1980s onwards, Honda ATVs are used for racing everywhere from desert roads to frozen lakes all over America. Since Honda has been renowned for its high-performance vehicles that are fit for racing, their ATVs are no different.

After the success of three-wheel utility and sports ATV models, Honda as well as other manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles discontinued the production of three-wheel ATVs. Instead, they released a better version in four-wheel, allowing better suspension and a more powerful engine.

Honda ATVs are known to revolutionize the world of all-terrain vehicles for both sports and utility purposes. Famous models from Honda include the four-wheel TRX200, the 1988 FourTrax 300, the 1995 Foreman 400 and a dozen more of high-performance vehicles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Upgrading With Atv Parts And Accs

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) appeal to the rugged sportsman, the risk-taker and the individualist. For that reason alone, the appeal of Atv parts and accs is undeniable. When you add the fact that Atv parts and accs are available to help improve the performance of the ATV, the appeal of Atv parts and accs becomes irresistible. The selection of Atv parts and accs is huge. From items that make the machine more useful to those that make the machine just look cooler, accesories are out there for all ATVs, for specific models of ATV and to fulfill just about every wish.


Whether your ATV is the usual two-stroke or a four-stroke, a good way to increase performance is by improving the pipe. For all two-stroke engines and most four-stroke engines the stock pipe can be upgraded with an aftermarket pipe. The difference can be in the 10 to 15 percent range.

Be careful with the pipes for the four-stroke engine. Not all available pipes will improve performance but those that do work very well. The next best performance booster for the four-stroke engine is a better cam and a high-compression piston. Whatever type of engine, a change in pipe means a change in jetting. If possible, the airbox should also be modified to improve the airflow as well.

A change to a gauze filter from a foam filter can make the flow better. Some experts think that gauze doesn’t filter as well as foam, however and could result in the need for repairs. The air filter needs to be kept clean and should be replaced every year. The foam filters dry out and the pleats on the gauze filters bend.

Atv parts and accs for cold winters include a snow plow attachment and heated handgrips. If you intend to carry things often, you might want to invest in a rack-mounted hard cargo compartment and zippered bags. They are water resistant and dust proof and offer more convenience than bungee cords. Stick Stoppers can come in handy to protect your rubber CV boots. If torn, the boots allow the CV joint to become damaged by debris. Rough terrain is hard on tires.

Shops that stock Atv parts and accs probably offer tires that are more resistant to punctures than your stock tires. You can also find taller tires that will give you better ground clearance. You may find a need for winch kits, if you use your ATV in wet or muddy conditions. Atv parts and accs can help you get the ATV experience you always wanted.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Atv Offroad Trailers Help To Considerably Ease The Chore Of Moving, Loading As Well As Unloading ATVs

When transporting an ATV, one would certainly find it different from loading as well as moving a bicycle. It requires a durable, high quality Atv offroad trailer, which in essence means a means of loading as well as transporting the ATV from one place to another. The Atv offroad trailer provides a higher level of care, convenience as well as expediency that makes the cumbersome task of moving, unloading as well as loading considerably easier.

Takes Away Stress And Minimizes Anxiety

Using an Atv offroad trailer takes away the stress of moving an ATV around, and a proper Atv offroad trailer will minimize anxiety and also assure the ATV owner that the trailer hitch, hitch ball, ball mount and safety chain is there to keep the ATV safe. When using an Atv offroad trailer, it is like driving with a string around your waist and an iron ball at the other end.

Swaying around or changing lanes will cause the Atv offroad trailer to sway along, and due to the distance between the trailer and the car, each movement of the car will cause a delayed reaction from the trailer. It is thus necessary to have the trailer tagging along behind and one should not brake too hard nor should one drive too fast.

There are also different Atv offroad trailers made to take different loads as well as sizes; some will carry heavier loads and there are also those that can carry more than a single ATV. It is thus wise to consult the dealer or shop assistant to get the specifications and pick the one that suits individual needs the best.

With the help of an Atv offroad trailer, one can turn the ATV into a year-round workhorse as a rugged trailer that is designed to carry the load of an ATV will considerably lighten the workload and help get the most out of the ATV

The Atv offroad trailer should come with safety features such as electric brakes that have break-a-way kits including batteries, battery boxes, break away switches as well as an attached plunger and cable. These would ensure that if the coupler were to become separated from the tow ball, the plunger of the breakaway switch would come out and thus complete the electric circuit thereby powering up the electric brakes to bring the trailer to a halt.

So, before going out and buying an Atv offroad trailer consider the safety as well as utility aspects, and with a few good makes available, there should be one that will suit individual needs and help in getting the most out of one’s ATV.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Things To Consider When Learning How To Drive All Terrain Vehicles

Learning to drive all terrain vehicles is really easy. Although all terrain vehicles are heavy and could sometimes be a bit challenging to handle, with proper training, one can easily learn to control all terrain vehicles.
There are a number of things that you need to pay close attention to especially when you are attempting to drive all terrain vehicles for the first time. If you are not yet very familiar with all terrain vehicles, it is necessary to get some coaching from a qualified instructor. A qualified instructor can help you learn how to drive safety and avoid accidents.

Getting Acquainted With The ATV

Before you start taking driving lessons, you should first get yourself acquainted with all terrain vehicles. One of the most convenient ways for you to learn more about all terrain vehicles is to surf the net and find some materials regarding this type of vehicle. Another way for you to learn more about all terrain vehicles is to find some magazines and other reading materials featuring this type of vehicle.

Another way for you to learn more about all terrain vehicles is to attend some lectures on how to handle this type of machine. Although your ATV driving instructor would probably give you some lessons about the all terrain vehicle, there is really no harm in learning more from other sources. Besides, the more you learn about all terrain vehicles, the better equipped you will be in handling this machine.

Getting Your Gears Together

When it comes to driving all terrain vehicles, safety should be the primary concern. You should not attempt to drive an ATV unless you have the proper safety gear. You need to buy a helmet with eye protection, non-skid, closed toe shoes, long pants, a jacket and gloves to protect you from injuries. Note that since you will be driving on rough and muddy terrains, you should take all precautions necessary to keep yourself safe.

While you are still learning to drive your ATV, it would be a good idea to stay with those not so rough terrains. You can tackle the more challenging terrain later. Another thing is that you should never attempt to take passengers on your ATV. Even if you already feel confident that you can handle your vehicle, it is not advisable to take passengers in your ATV. Note that all terrain vehicles are designed for one person only.

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